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Legacy Bank Employees (Women)

Celebrating American Business Women's Day with Legacy Bank

Celebrating American Business Women's Day with Legacy Bank



Today we celebrate American Business Women's Day, a special day that recognizes and honors the achievements of women in leadership roles and highlights their contributions to the business world. The first-ever Business Women's Day was celebrated in 1983 when a joint Congressional resolution was passed. In honor of American Business Women’s Day, we interviewed a couple of executive leaders at our very own Legacy Bank.



Kathy Gonzalez LINKEDIN

Kathy acknowledges that back when she started her career, women didn’t always have all the opportunities they have today. Starting off in a secretarial role, Kathy was able to learn a lot about leadership through the woman she worked for who believed in her and expected her to strive for success. This woman’s tough teaching style allowed Kathy to overcome​​​​​​​ challenges and learn skills that allowed for her success today. Her boss taught her many things from what business attire is to what makes a great leader, these lessons have​​​​​​​ encouraged Kathy to set an example of women’s leadership and help others around her. 

Balancing both her professional life and personal life has been quite a struggle for Kathy as she is a workaholic who spends most of her weekends working. Although she mixes work with her personal time, she explained that she loves her job and can't imagine not working or thinking about how to make things better. As much as she loves work, she still makes sure to take care of her mental health through activities like golf, cooking, walking her dog, or spending time with her grandchildren. Although she understands that balance is important for leaders, she wants women to know that being passionate about their careers is hard to ignore and should be a sign of growth and hunger to go beyond what is deemed impossible.

Her advice to other women pursuing or in leadership is to treasure one's reputation as it’s the most precious thing people have in the business world. She encourages instilling empathy, compassion, and love in the workplace as it is a key part of leadership when balanced with honesty, action, and drive. Kathy then goes on to say that although she was not always the smartest person in the room, she learned that hardwork will never go unnoticed as it shows others what you can contribute and how valuable you are.


Dinna​​​​​​​We also interviewed a successful woman leader, DINNA PAMINTUAN, EVP & CHIEF CREDIT OFFICER at Legacy Bank to learn about her experiences and advice for aspiring women leaders. She shared that she was inspired to pursue a leadership role because of her father, who was an executive bank official. She felt that the opportunity to be part of setting up a bank was unique and exciting, and she wanted to share her experience and leave footprints behind.

As a woman of color, she faced the challenge of being in a place that is appraised to be a man's world. She learned to work hard, be smart, and seize every opportunity to hone her skills. She also listened more, chose her battles, and spoke to the point. She believes in doing and being the best she can be and not selling herself short.

Balancing personal and professional responsibilities is a big challenge for her. She is committed to her professional endeavor, but she is fully aware of the real important things in life, such as health, family, and faith. She pushes herself vigorously to attain a work-life balance.

Her advice to other women who aspire to leadership roles is to be the best leader professionally and personally. To instill respect, openness, integrity, teamwork, and positivity in the workplace. To be always willing to share knowledge and help the development of your staff.

She drew professional inspiration from her mom, who was a hardworking and smart woman who taught her children to be good and hardworking people. She also worked with smart and tough women bosses who mentored her to be a leader.

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Women in leadership still face numerous challenges, but when they find themselves in a leadership role, their capability and abilities are undeniable. Women leaders will paint the future, and constructing a diverse workforce will bring new experiences and perspectives that ultimately contribute to bringing much-needed innovation. Companies that rise to the moment will attract and retain women leaders, which will lead to a better workplace for everyone.

One-way women can support other women is by mentoring them. Women have the ability to open doors for other women, even if they haven't reached the highest position in their own careers yet. There is almost always someone who is one step behind and could benefit from your help and assistance. Use your tools and experience to assist other women, whether it's talking to interns and junior staff members at your business, going on coffee chat dates together, or introducing women to people who can help them advance their careers.

Another way to support other women is by connecting with other people who work in the same industry as you. There is power in numbers, and linking up with other women can lead to ongoing support, opportunities, and understanding. You can find forums and social media groups for your community online and connect with other women in your industry. This can also lead to making amazing friends and acquaintances.

If you're a woman in business looking for resources, there are organizations that can help. The Inland Empire Women's Business Center and the Association of Women's Business Centers are two such organizations that offer resources, training, and support for women in business.

In conclusion, on American Business Women's Day, let's remember Oprah Winfrey's words:


"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping-stone to greatness.”


Let's support and empower each other as women in business and continue to make strides towards equality and success.



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